March 8th - Women’s Most Special Day! 25% discount for roses!
Dear Gentlemen!

The greatest day of feminity - March 8th - is coming! Each lady deserves a personal sign of attention this day. This is the day when women are specially treated just for being women.

Almost all women like flowers, and most men know this. The men who do not present flowers on March 8 do not necessary dislike flowers; they just want to be different from others. Anyway statistics shows that 45 percent of the male population considers flowers the best gift! agrees with that because it’s a spring celebration, and spring is the time of nature waking up after winter. Blossoming flowers are one of the first signs of spring!

On St.Valentine’s Day we made a special discount for roses and it showed to be popular among our customers. We are now happy to offer it again for March’8!

Our Special Discount for March’8 – 11 roses for $99!!!!

The gift itself is not that important - it is the attention that matters. Just think what she needs to feel that way and what you can do to make it happen. The important thing is to make the spring blossom in her heart!


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