Hello on Nov’21 2019!
Say Hi, and you will be greeted too!

A surprisingly unusual and cute holiday - World Hello Day is celebrated annually on November 21. Its main goal is to draw attention to the importance of personal communication for maintaining peace, for creating a family, for developing friendship.

On our website, like on no other, men and women from every possible corner of the world greet each other every day and write to each other – “Hello!” in different languages. Hello, Hi, Hallo, Γειά σας, Hej, Shalom, Hola, 你好, Guten Tag, Goddag, Siema, Salut, Ahoj, Merhaba, Привіт, Bonjour, 今日は, Привет…

Traditionally, on this day people wish each other good and health, prosperity and success in business, love and happiness by saying their greetings.

Therefore, this holiday is another wonderful day for friendly greetings, joyful emotions and good mood. Join us on this wonderful and good holiday and say hello to your future wife!


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