Two Things of Language of Love Russian Dating Requires From You
It's not a secret the beautiful Russian women desire the expression of love language towards them. Being far away from them you are still able to express your care and devote your time to them.

Care is one of the most popular languages ​​in family life. In the constant cycle of domestic affairs and everyday problems, it is the language that can be spoken with your beloved. It is sometimes much more pleasant for a tired woman to see how her husband washes the dishes, rather than lying on the sofa swearing in love.

Care can manifest itself in different spheres:
- material (buying clothes, shoes, medicines);
- emotional (delivering joy, pleasure, the ability to laugh, surprise, maintain the emotional balance of each other);
- home (help with housework);
- intellectual (concern for the professional development of a loved one, her interests).

Time is a feature of love language that partners not only spend together but agree to sacrifice for the sake of their loved one, when necessary. Spending time together is not just being in one room, it means - turning off the TV, looking at each other, talking, completely focusing on the partner.

Men and women differ in their attitude towards the time spent together. For a man it is important that a woman is just there, accompanied him on travels, trips outside the city. The important aspects of the spent time for a woman are communication and empathy. It is important to her that she is listened to and heard.

This language expresses the priority of the partner's needs, the willingness to put them above their own and manifests itself in the following areas: in the management of household affairs, in sexual relations, in leisure, in the need for communication, in professional activities.


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