Three Ingredients of the Harmonious Relationship Dating Russian Women
Are you dreaming of a perfect relationship with Russian singles? Don't forget about these three essential components of the language of love: emotional expression, word of encouragement and unity.

Emotional expression of feelings is an open expression of emotions, both positive and negative. When people are afraid of expressing their true feelings in a relationship, life turns into a game and manipulation. This is the moment, the partner shares his inner feelings with his Russian bride and she feels a sense of belonging to her, touching the souls. To understand that the partner is lack of this language of love is possible when you hear: "You are very closed", "You do not share with me your impressions, emotions, and dreams," "You did not react to my words."

With the help of words of encouragement, a person shows a partner how he appreciates her. These are the words of stroking ("I'm glad to see you!", "How good that you've come"), praise and approval, forgiveness, please, words of gratitude, encouraging words ("You will succeed!, I believe in you!". Using this language of love, we increase the self-esteem of our beloved person, let her understand how important it is for us. Ask for help as often as possible, give thanks for everything the second half does for you instead of demands and accusations - it will make her happy and more proactive in the future.

Unity is the existence of common goals, views, interests, strategic, global joint plans for the future. These are family holidays, observance of family rituals, joint planning of the family budget. Partners share common dreams (build a house, visit a certain country).
In order to find harmony in a relationship, you need to speak all these languages, to be able to listen and hear the desire of a loved one. And most importantly - to have an irresistible desire to make your loved one happy.


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