St. Nicholas Day: omens and divination from your Russian wives
St. Nicholas Day is the first celebration of all the New Year and Christmas holidays. This day all people including Russian girls remember the story of Nicholas the Wonderworker and his good deeds.

St. Nicholas popular festival has its own history and traditions. December 19 all the kids look under their pillows with hope to see the long-awaited gift there.

The folklore has kept a lot of omens on the Day of St. Nicholas, by which people determine what will be next year.

- One has to give all the debts before the St. Nicholas holiday.

- People should reconcile with their friends or relatives for this holiday.

- If the snow has covered the ground before St. Nicholas' Day, we should expect a frosty winter.

- If the ground has covered with frost on the eve of the holiday, we should expect a good harvest.

- If St. Nicholas Day is cold, then the winter will be cold, if it is warm, the winter will be warm as well.

- The more good deeds you do on the Day of St. Nicholas, the more health you will be given.

- In the morning farmers were trying to get around all of their farm and feed all the animals and they were healthy and prosperous in the new year.

- All Christians think cherished desire for St. Nicholas and it will come true for sure.

In addition to the gifts, people get ready to the divination eve. Usually, the night before the Day of St. Nicholas, young, unmarried Russian brides tell and read their fortunes.


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