Some tips for men who are meeting a hot Russian woman for the first time
Let’s imagine you have been communicating with a beautiful Russian lady for some time and arranged a date. If you wish your date to be a success, then some preparation will be great. And men should keep it in mind as the first impression really matters. Most guys are looking for a foreign lady who looks gorgeous. But they rarely think of themselves and don’t care how they think. It is not only the Russian or Ukrainian lady that produces an impression on you, but it is also you who produces an impression on the girl.
The first date should be organized in some public place according to the likes of your Russian bride. And don’t make it too long, there should be some intrigue. This way both of you will wait for the next date.
During the date be respectful, courteous, and nice. At the end of the conversation discuss the next date if you liked the girl. If not and you don’t see any reason to continue your acquaintance, close the communication off politely.


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