On February 14, we will celebrate International Day of Love -
St. Valentine's Day!
Are you in? Are you in love?

Checking for her online at the Chat every few hours? Writing long, loving letters about how you think about her all day long and how your life will be together in the soon-coming bright future? Then you are definitely in love and this list of St. Valentine's Day deliveries is for you!

- Gift certificate to online store + Free Box of sweets
- Gift certificate to a beauty salon + Free Box of sweets
- Certificate for foreign language courses + Free Box of sweets
- SPA certificate + Free Box of sweets

You will not find these gifts on our regular Delivery list, so don't miss the opportunity to give your loved one something special! Romantic postcard text is strictly required! Maybe you have not yet had time to confess your feelings? Then now is the time!