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Pretty wife Natalia, 41 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Natalia 41

Ukraine, Kiev

I am a lady with a kind and sympathetic heart. I like joking but at the same time I can be serious. I like order in e...

Sexy bride Diana, 19 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Diana 19

Ukraine, Kiev

Something told me that I can find my destiny in internet and I decided to try this site.. I hoped to find good man he...

Beautiful bride Olga, 20 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Olga 20

Ukraine, Kiev

When two person are in love they forget about all other world and see only each other! I want such love!! Maybe I am ...

Charming mail order bride Veronika, 30 yrs.old from Moscow, Russia

Veronika 30

Russia, Moscow

I am active, curious, faithful, friendly and open person. I learn something new with great pleasure. I think I am dec...

Single mail order bride Karina, 19 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Karina 19

Ukraine, Kiev

All the women are include to be dreaming creatures. I am not an exception. I like to dream and do that a lot!! I like...

Nice mail order bride Taya, 36 yrs.old from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Taya 36

Ukraine, Nikolaev

I have I have a joyful and positive attitude to life. I love life and love living life. Smile)) I enjoy simple things i...

Amazing mail order bride Olga, 23 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Olga 23

Ukraine, Kiev

I have a dream. You can help me with making my dream come true. RIGHT??? I have a dream to be happy in personal life....

Gorgeous mail order bride Ekaterina, 22 yrs.old from Zaporijie, Ukraine

Ekaterina 22

Ukraine, Zaporijie

I am caring, soft, gullible, person. I am leading healthy and active lifestyle. I like to read books, to work in the ...

Sexy mail order bride Viktoriya, 27 yrs.old from Zaporijie, Ukraine

Viktoriya 27

Ukraine, Zaporijie

I am a very sociable and interesting person. I live life and prefer to get the most interesting and exiting from it. ...

Beautiful mail order bride Mariya, 22 yrs.old from Zaporijie, Ukraine

Mariya 22

Ukraine, Zaporijie

Describing my self i want to highlight that i am very livable person. I take all the best in life. I am already a mot...

Hot pen pal Liana, 31 yrs.old from Zaporijie, Ukraine

Liana 31

Ukraine, Zaporijie

I have a great variety of interests. I pleased that I can write some of them to you hereSmile I hope that we will share ...

Nice pen pal Marina, 39 yrs.old from Zaporijie, Ukraine

Marina 39

Ukraine, Zaporijie

I am fond of reading. This gives me great pleasure and excitementSmile I also like planting and flowers!)) I am learning...